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Did you know I do Brows?

I have been secretly doing Brows for about 3 years now and was only offering it to my friends and family. 

But everyone seemed to love my work, so I decided to start offering brow services at my Home Studio 

Brow Shaping (Wax)


Brow Shaping and Henna

Henna offers semi-permanent results and stains the skin for 5-14 days. The longevity of the henna depends on your skin type. For best results, keep brows dry for 12-24 hours after treatment. 


My Home Studio is located in Miami Lakes.

Exact address will be sent to you after appointment has been scheduled. 

The best and fastest way to schedule your appointment is to text me at 305-815-5156

Let's stay connected! @styled_byDD

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